General Questions

All you need to know about making fast transfers oversees

If you feel like you are paying the bank too much for your currency conversions and international money transfers, you work with oversees partners and need to move fast - you are in the right place.

Some of our customers pay their coffee-beans supplier with their Euro account to south africa for coffee. Other customers pay their monthly invoices for customer support center in India.


Getting started with us

After you fill in the registration form, we will check with the company registrar of your country that your company really exists and who the owners are. After that - you'll receive an email with a password you can use to log in online and go complete your signup process by identifying yourself and the rest of the company info.
TranspayGo is a trusted and licensed financial institution, which means we are strictly regulated and your money is safe with us. Due to regulations, before you may make transfers - you have to show us your ID. This process happens online through, after you log in for the first time into the website.
After you signup - you'll have to provide a list of all the directors and shareholders in your company.
Shareholders - are those who have more than 25% control in the company. They must go through a KYC process as well. When you add a shareholder on the Company Info Page - he will receive a special link, which he should follow to go through the same identification process you've gone through.

Directors - are the managing partners in your company. You don't have to list them, unless they want to have access to the platform to and make money transfers themselves.

Users - are your employees, that neither manage nor control the company, but need access to the platform in order to make transfers themselves.


How does it work?

When you go to the New Transfer page - you'll see the exchange rate between the currency you choose to pay and the currency your beneficiary is going to receive
When you transfer money - there are two sums which relate to each other, the amount you send and the amount the beneficiary receives. Between the moment you submit the transaction and until the time your money arrives in our account it can happen so that the exchange rate changes a bit. In that situation, the amount of money received by the beneficiary will be different than what you've originally thought.
If it's important for you, that the beneficiary receives a very specific amount of money - you may 'Fix' it and we will charge you a little extra, so called Spot Rate, to guarantee that when the money arrives at the beneficiary - it's exactly as much money as you want it to be.